Friday, September 12, 2014

This week ending Sept. 12

This week the kids did an amazing job on their spelling tests!  Nest week's words came home in their homework packet!

On the same note, we get compliments everywhere we go!  The cafeteria ladies can't get over the cleanliness of the tables and floors when they leave as well as the FABULOUS choices they make while they are there.  We were also the recipients of the purple pallet in art for this week by earning the most character points out of all of the younger elementary classes.  WAY TO GO!  We have so much to celebrate as this year gets rolling!  This class is such a joy to be a part of...compassion, friendship, hard work, ... ABOUNDS!  Thank you for sharing them with me every day!

We have been talking and writing about our 5 senses in science.  We have been working on observing while using them.  It is amazing the words they come up with when they apply these skills!

In math we are using models to add.  This is the important part.  It isn't simply adding that is enough.  They need to also be able to SHOW that they know what those numbers are.  Please encourage this.  Fingers are not enough as I cannot see that they understand it.  Also, please encourage them to read as much of the directions and the problems as possible, Many of the students can read most of the words.  They just haven't fully become aware that they can read the words!

In language arts we have been working to get DRAs done (hopefully the beginning of the week)!  We have been reading to self, reading to someone, doing word work, writing, and using the listening center.  They are coming right along.  Reading groups are close in our future.

In social studies this week we reviewed our classroom rules and worked to incorporate our new friend into our routines.  We also talked about heroes and why they are our heroes to observe September 11th.  Their writing is displayed in our room. Stop by and check it out!  They came up with some good ones.  (While writing we are working on telling why and giving details so this supports that work also!)

In writing we have been working on capital letters and punctuation in all sentences.  We have also been working on proper formation of letters on the lines.  While working on this we are also adding details--either to create a picture OR to support our ideas from the text if we are writing about a book.

Please be sure that you are checking the planners nightly!  The conference sign up papers came home Thursday in the planners!  Speaking of conferences I have middle times (like 4:15ish-5:15ish) open if you are interested in coming this round.  If your child is doing well, you do not have to come this round...we have more in December.  Please know that I cannot meet with all parents on this night as there isn't enough time.  We can make other arrangements if needed.  Slots are filling up fast.

Again, these kids are amazing!  Keep up whatever you are doing at home as it is working! :)