Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reminder! Book Talks Friday!

Friday, October 31 your child should be dressing as a book character, bringing the book to school, and giving a book talk about the book.  This does NOT need to be elaborate or even store purchased.  The goal is for your child to have fun and to share information they picked up while reading a book.  We have been talking about characters and setting since the beginning of the school year.  This is a way to have some fun with it and share with each other!

If you have any questions, please ask! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Field Trip

New permission slips came home on Friday. No new money is needed...just a new permission slip since we are now going on Thursday. Please send in Tuesday!!!

Spelling words for Oct 24


Sorry I forget the rest. These are the tough ones. I will add the rest Tuesday. The other 3 are all rhyming with mine.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Unit 1 Math Post Test Forms

Unit 1 Math Post Test data sheets will be added to the HW folders this week.  Please sign them and return them in the HW folder.  (I will be putting them in plastic sleeves.)

Dance and Drumming

Notes for all dance and drumming forms came home today.  Students either got first or second semester dates.  Please pay attention to when your child gets to join in the fun.  We had LOTS of interest in these programs! :)

Friday, October 3, 2014


1. If you sent in your form for drumming or dancing, I have turned them into the office.  I do not know when/how you will receive notice.  I asked, and didn't get an answer nailed down.

2. Please send back the form for the classroom "phone book".  It came home a few weeks ago.  If you need a new one, please let me know.

3. Field Trip forms need returned by week after next.

4. The homework that came home today is all math practice.  It is all review of skills that we have covered in class. Many of the students can add or subtract and figure out the addends. But when it comes to using doubles to do it, they are struggling.  We are working on this for a few more days. Then we will be moving one to using groups of 10 to think about adding and subtracting.  Please be sure to practice their word lists AND send them back into school.  They take quite a while to do each list when the whole list is sent back in to read to me.  It is ok to send the whole list, but please know I can't always get them all done every day. (I still have a few left from today!)  I am seeing a LOT of improvement and am SO excited! As are the kids!  When they get a word that they finally remember that they haven't gotten before it is such a HUGE celebration! WAHOO! :)

5.  Reading logs aren't due until the 17th.  Please read regularly.  If you lose the log, write it on a piece of paper! I am not picky as long as you're reading nightly! :)  Can your child write the title on the paper? Try it! That's a they are in charge of their reading and owning it! :)

6. Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy some family time and all the wonder that goes with it! First graders are really fun! They bring such joy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Math Parent Letter

Current Math Unit Parent Letter for the unit ending October 3

This link has more links to games, problems, standards, etc. that we are learning in math currently. This unit is all about using doubles to add or subtract 1. This unit ends the end of this week.

What is starting next week is about how to use 10 to make adding and subtracting easier.
The unit we start next week

Field Trip, October 24

Forms came home today for a field trip to see a play in Tampa.  The cost is $10.  If you need assistance, please let me know.