Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This week we are working on doubles in math.  Many are "getting it" and some are having trouble with it.  The idea of doubles is if you have 30 can it have a double fact?  Well, yes because if you take 30 erasers (or whatever you have around the house) and divide it into 2 even groups, there are 15 in each group. So 15+15=30  BUT 30=15+15 also!  Paying attention to those signs is a really important part of the process too.  So after realizing what doubles are (addends that are the same number), there is really more to this.

Try this with your child.  They should be able to do this!
Ask them if 17, 14, 5, or 8 can be doubles.  How do they know? Can they explain it to you?
Can they show you how they figure out this problem (draw a picture or use manipulatives)?
Can they write a number sentence? (example: 3+3=6 or 6=3+3)
Can they explain what doubles are?

The students made some amazing discoveries today that honestly blew my socks off!  They are thinkers and are truly starting to explain the thoughts in their heads.  One student connected doubles to Monopoly.  When you roll doubles you get to roll again. When you don't roll doubles, you don't get to go again.  BRILLIANT thinking these kids do daily!  Be proud! :)