Thursday, September 11, 2014

From Wednesday, 9/10...

We had our first library day.  Normally we will go to the library Friday mornings.  Each child can check out 2 books unless they still owe a book from last year.  The goal is for 1 to be a "just right book" on a first grade level and one to be a "free choice" book that might require adult help to read.  Because it was our first time and it was the end of the day, we ran over with choosing books so our agendas didn't get filled out.  Everyone had a fabulous day!  Also, there is a fundraiser for the school Thursday night, 9/11, at the ice cream place in the Winn Dixie plaza.  Check the planner for the label about times and the name of the ice cream place!  As always, thank you for understanding that sometimes our learning and excitement gets in the way of the routine of filling out the planners.  Please know that if there was ever a day that you need to know about a poor choice when this happens, I would let you know by a phone call or email!  Otherwise, please know we will make it up the next day.

On the same note, please be sure that you are checking your child's planner nightly and initialing it or signing it.

Spelling test on Friday as well as the homework folder being due!