Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beads on One String by Dennis Warner

Beads On One String by Dennis Warner is a FABULOUS book! 

This book is about how everyone is connected by the same string no matter where you live, what you look like, or what you do. We are the beads and the string ties us all together.  The text of the book is also written to music and the CD comes with the book!  This book is THE perfect book to use with all grades to promote PEACE (aka anti-bullying) as well as respect!  It is a book that I keep out all year long and we revisit at times when it seems that we need to pull together as a classroom to regroup and work on our peace. 

Connected to Dennis Warner's site there are also links for curriculum that can be done with it.  And the BEST part...Dennis Warner will come perform at your school for a very reasonable price! He engaged 42 first graders for 40 minutes! (Tell me he doesn't have command of his audience! :) )  The students L-O-V-E-D it!

Here Dennis is reading the book to the class.  He does a WONDERFUL job of explaining to the kids why he chose certain words and explaining about the illustrator that he chose to work with.  It was a GREAT way for the first graders to hear first hand about the author and the illustrator!

One other REALLY fun thing that we did....I asked our art teachers if they would like to get in on this.  They were excited because they try to teach character education through art and this was THE perfect book to use as one of their lessons!  They had the kids make beads, decorate them, and create their own unique necklace to go with this whole theme.  Then each child took one of their beads and they created a necklace for me to have!

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